Over 50% stronger than standard 6-strand XIP ropes, Apex offers crane manufacturers a powerful new wire rope to optimize the performance of their equipment.

Unitized construction allows each strand to nestle snuggly into the valleys of the strand below forming a dense, highly compact rope that delivers the greatest strength-to-diameter ratio of any wire rope on the market. Equipment designs can be created to utilize a smaller diameter Apex rope in assemblies in place of larger, conventional ropes with no loss of performance. This can reduce the sheave size required and the weight of the assembly system.

Manufactured to the industry's highest standards, Apex also provides superior fatigue resistance and virtually eliminates constructional stretch. The result is a versatile wire rope that is ideal for extend/retract cable assemblies.

Not to be used with a swivel.

  • The highest minimum breaking force available
  • Superior fatigue resistance
  • Unitized construction for exceptional strength-to-diameter ratio

Dimensions, Minimum Breaking Forces and Weights for Apex
Minimum Breaking
(2,000 lb. tons)
per Foot
1/2 20.4 0.58
9/16 25.8 0.73
5/8 31.7 0.90
3/4 45.2 1.30
7/8 61.2 1.77
 1 79.6 2.31
1 1/8 100.0 2.93
1 1/4 123.0 3.61
1 3/8 148.0 4.37

Special constructions and diameters available upon request – please contact us directly.