In logging applications that require an even longer and stronger rope, PowerSwage can pull its way to a longer service life for you. 30% higher in strength ratio, these wire ropes are designed to resist abrasion and drum crushing in logging applications.

It’s the compact design with smoother wire surfaces that allows you to spool a greater length of rope onto drums than an unswaged rope of comparable size and strength.

During our exclusive manufacturing process, PowerSwage is rotary- swaged after the closing of the rope to produce a compacted cross-section with minimum voids and greater surface area on the outer wires that contact drums and sheaves during operation.

Available in either 9/16” or 5/8” diameters, you’ll also appreciate PowerSwage’s reduced wear on your sheaves and drums.

  • 30% higher strength than 6x19 swaged
  • Minimum voids and greater surface area
  • Reduced wear on sheave and drums
  • Smooth surface allows spooling of greater rope length

Power-Swage Strength and Weights Chart (inches)
Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs
9/16 0.89 26.2
5/8 1.04 32.1

Special constructions and diameters available upon request – please contact us directly.