3x36 Swaged

These 3 strand ropes are ideal for pulling lines in electrical transmission line construction. Rotary swaging the rope results in an exceptionally compact rope cross-section. This increases surface area, which improves rope contact with sheaves and on drums, thereby providing greater resistance to surface wear and abrasion while reducing wear on sheaves. The smooth surface also helps reduce wear on underground conduits. Lengths may be fitted with flemish-eye ends.

  • Increased surface area
  • Better rope contact with sheaves and on drums
  • Fatigue resistant

3x36 Swaged
3x36 Swaged Strength and Weights Chart (inches)
Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs
1/2 0.53 14.8
9/16 0.66 18.6
5/8 0.83 22.9
3/4 1.19 32.7
7/8 1.69 44.3
1 2.09 57.5

Special constructions and diameters available upon request – please contact us directly.