Engineered Assemblies

Thread size vs. rope diameter: general threading guidelines

In this excerpt from the Union Wire Rope Assemblies Handbook, learn why thread sizes are compatible with individual rope diameters. Additionally, understand how to make the choice between material content including: carbon steel, galvanized, stainless steel, and plated fittings such as cadmium.

Date of Publication: 2014
Source: TUF-GRIP Handbook (1 page)


Tuf-Grip Assemblies Handbook

The name Tuf-GripTM says it all. Tuf-GripTM fittings are securely attached to the wire rope by “clamping forces” that grip the rope and allow the tensile load to be transferred into the fitting. In this Wire Rope Assemblies Handbook, learn how Union can design the fitting to accommodate an almost infinite number of variations.

Date of Publication: 2015
Source: TUF-GRIP Assemblies Handbook (ALL PAGES) (20 pages)


Tuf-Grip Length Illustration